Irish Iron Wrecker

Winch Box Rigging Package


The craze of winch boxes has been catching on as of late. Here at Irish Iron we created a package to outfit you with the rigging equipment you need for doing those off road, in the mud, and hard to reach recoveries.

This package includes the following items.


Round Slings

  • (2)   4' Yellow Endless Round Sling

  • (2)   6' Yellow Endless Round Sling

  • (2)   8'     Red Endless Round Sling

  • (2) 12'     Red Endless Round Sling

  • (2) 12'    Blue Endless Round Sling

  • (2) 16'    Blue Endless Round Sling


  • (2)   1 1/4" Alloy Master Link  Working Load Limit 39,100 lbs

  • (2)  1"        Screw Pin Shackle  Working Load Limit 25,000 lbs

  • (6)  1-1/4" Screw Pin Shackle  Working Load Limit 36,000 lbs

  • (2)  1-1/2" Screw Pin Shackle  Working Load Limit 60,000 lbs

Snatch Blocks 



Wire Rope Extensions

Irish Iron Wrecker Package Deals ship freight truck only.  Please provide a commercial address with forklift/ loading dock for delivery.

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