Irish Iron Wrecker

G100 Clevlock Sling Hook w/ Latch


Grade 100 Clevlock Slip Hook w/ Latch.

Replacement Latch Kits 

Make sure to select the size you would like in the upper right corner.

Part#                Size          WLL         Weight  

G10-111-516    5/16"     5,700 lbs.    1.30 lbs.

G10-111-38      3/8"      8,800 lbs.     2.20 lbs.

G10-111-12      1/2"     15,000 lbs.    4.16 lbs.

G10-111-58      5/8"     22,600 lbs.    6.85 lbs.

G10-111-34      3/4"     35,300 lbs.    19.00 lbs.



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