Irish Iron Wrecker

Lasso Straps with D Ring

Part Number Working Load Limit Weight
S-R-86 3,335 lbs 1.0 lbs
S-R-100 3,335 lbs 1.3 lbs
S-R-120 3,335 lbs 1.7 lbs
S-R-144 3,335 lbs 2.0 lbs

The loose end of this wheel lift strap passes through the ring like a lasso, Ratcheting then chokes the tire.  

Straps are 2" wide, comes in 86" (S-R-86), 100" (S-R-100), 120" (S-R-120)  and 144" (S-R-144) lengths.  

Ratchets sold separately.  

Please select size in upper right corner.  


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