Irish Iron Wrecker

1/2" Steel Core, Winch Cable, Self Locking Swivel Hook


PLEASE SELECT A LENGTH YOU WOULD LIKE IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER                                                                                                 1/2" Winch Cable with swivel-locking hook, steel core. 

WLL: 7,490 lbs,

Minimum  break strength: 26,600 lbs.

Wire Rope Winchlines are superior to most other winchlines found in the market place due to the hand splice and swage sleeve (Flemish eye) end terminations. Each eye is protected by a steel liner (thimble) to guard against premature bearing point eye wear.

Each winchline is supplied with a drop forged alloy eye hook on one end. Spring loaded safety latches are standard equipment on our winchlines. All lines are right Regular lay.

The hooks are operated by depressing the trigger, allowing the hook to open. When a load is applied, these hooks “self-lock” and remain locked until the load is released and the trigger once again is pressed to open. These hooks combined with our high quality wire rope make for secure and positive connections.



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