Irish Iron Wrecker

TM36-iMon, Tow Mate 36" LED Wireless Tow Light with iMon System


36" LED Wireless Tow Mate Bar, includes four rubber straps.

36" wireless truck bar system provides stop, tail, and turn w/ side marker lights on each end and three DOT lights in the center of the bar. This system comes complete with transmitter and a 7-pin plug to be used to connect 12VDC power to recharge the truck bar. Range 1000 feet.

iMon (Interactive Monitoring System)

Never worry about losing your lights again with our easy to install interactive monitoring System. Operates w/ any system equipped with iMon electronics. Purchase with a new unit or upgrade your existing one to work with it. Plugs in to 12V DC. Lifetime Warranty.


Any questions please call DuWayne at 715-743-6799.

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